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Payroll + HR

Technology can help you solve many time-consuming tasks and challenges. But sometimes you need quick answers to simple HR questions, strategic advice for major initiatives and complex projects, or help executing key HR responsibilities, like payroll and benefits.

Time & Attendance

Automated time and attendance software can reduce your manual — and error-prone — data entry and improve payroll accuracy. It can also increase productivity by ensuring the right people are where you need them every day.

Payroll Tax Management

Jupiter Payments offers a wide range of reporting capabilities to help you manage your payroll taxes and stay compliant. Save money with our flexible and affordable options allowing you to pay only for services you need and increase efficiency by processing payroll in just a few clicks.

Benefits Administration

To thrive, your business needs to attract and keep the best and brightest employees. Jupiter Payments and its affiliates have got your back with standout benefits like retirement plans and group health insurance, as well as benefits administration and business insurance.

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