Accept payments easily and grow your business.


Recoup your processing fees by passing on a small fee to customers who pay by credit card, and pay no fees for debit card transactions. This payment structure can save you over 50% in processing fees, allowing you to keep more revenue.

Dual Pricing

Dual Pricing lets merchants eliminate credit card processing fees by offering different prices for cash and credit transactions, incentivizing customers to pay with cash and saving businesses money while boosting profits.

Payment Processing

Jupiter Payments partners with small businesses across the nation, providing them with the tools and expertise to reduce credit card processing fees and accelerate the speed of funding, enabling them to optimize their cash flow and focus on growth.

Point of Sale Tech

Jupiter Payments’ POS technology is an all-in-one solution that helps businesses manage transactions, track inventory, and generate sales reports, optimizing operations and improving customer experience to drive growth.

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Why choose Jupiter Payments?

01 Our History

We are a leading credit card processing company, providing businesses with the tools they need to accept payments and grow their business.

02 Our Aims

Provide businesses with a secure and efficient way to handle their transactions without compromising their bottom line.

03 Our Approach

Provide transparent pricing and customize a payment processing solution that is both cost-effective and efficient.