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VL300 – Connecting To VL100

Step 1 –

Flip the terminal over and disconnect the Ethernet cable. Be sure to hold down the locking clip of the Ethernet cable before trying to pull. If you attempt to pull the Ethernet cable with-out holding down the locking clip, you run the risk of damaging the Ethernet cable or the terminal.

Step 2 –

Once the Ethernet cable has been removed from the terminal, connect it to the end of the Y-Cable with the Ethernet port.

Step 3 –

Press and hold down the Power button (bottom left of the keypad). Once the pin pad powers off, wait 5 seconds, then press and hold the Power button again to power one. Once powered on, the pin pad will automatically pull the RKI download. Be sure to power off the pin pad only, NOT the terminal.

Step 4 –

Once the download is complete, disconnect the Ethernet cable from the Y-Cable and reconnect to the back of the terminal.

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