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VL100 – Connect to Internet

Method 1 & 2:

Flip the device so that bottom is facing up. Power off the device before plugging in your connection type.

Ethernet: Labeled as LAN. Power down, plug in your Ethernet cable, power back on and tap the connection icon on the home screen.

Dial: Labeled with a Phone Icon. Power down and plug in the phone line. Power back on and when prompted for WiFi, press cancel. When prompted For the Dial setting select cancel to be brought to your
home screen to begin transacting.

Method 3:

Power on the device, Select “yes, Connect” for Wifi, Select your SSID, Enter password and select the Green Ok Button. If you’re on another connection type and want to switch to Wifi, Tap the Connection Icon on the top of the touch screen and select WiFi. If this is your first time connecting, follow the instructions above. Otherwise, you will connect automatically.

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